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Oak Island Drilling Treasure News
December-05 2007--Dan Blankenship/ U.S Michigan group attemps a new drilling record, deep beneath the famous Oak Island enigma in search of the lost Mayan Gold And Silver' that was brought to Mahone bay mysteriously for it to be found by todays technology' at the cost of the sum of a whopping $200,00o dollars American.The Oak Island money pit certainly has taken a beating over the last two hundred years or so, excavating the money pit was a logical excavation to the 90-100 foot depths by the McGinnis group' why the cease of there exploration ended at about the ninety foot level, this is where they they came across a odd inscriptive flat stone? and attempted to decipher it with no such luck. This is why I see no reason to continue the drilling' any further on Oak Island, the McGinnis group stoped digging for a logical reason in beliefe the inscribed stone was the treasure. I believe the McGinnes group made the right choice into the stoppage of there excavation, the flooding of the shaft was a another sign to stop.

Over the years the money pit has been drilled many times over by many oil companies/treasure seekers to crazy depths; Bore Hole 10 X is another attempt to hope to retrieve the diverse hidden Oak Island treasure. I find it hard to believe that' what was in the money pit was taken out of the Money pit and was put in a hole meters away let alone on the same Island. Dan Blankenship owns the money pit area in-which Dan Blankenship had a long term business agreement with David Tobias that went sour after any treasures did not surface from the Money pit. The Michigan Group is the second business partners of Dan Blankenship, Dan is getting on with his age' so I imaging this will be his last run at the relentless Money Pit. I believe the pit almost took his life once before in his earlier years, the Money pit owes Dan one more crack at the Money pit's never ending saga. After this last attempt maybe we should look at a reasonable solution in solving this treasure mystery and follow the Oak Island evidence trail that is already in search progress by Native researcher Keith Ranville he knows more about Oak Island than any Oak Island expert and he is also recieving attention world wide for his tremendous treasure hunting efforts in solving this complex treasure mystery.

I am not skeptic of the notions that there is no treasure in the Oak Island treasure mystery, but when I see guess work done with out explaining research' but just with a bank roll of $200.000 dollars without giving a theory, it sounds like a desperate hail mary attempt to me or a noteriety thing for a nameless wildcat drilling company. I am sure if they should prevail thay shall disclose there company name' I guess this way, it would save them the hassel of changing there good name in a later day. I know natural resources is being confidential about the treasure trove agreement and I find that admiral of them, it's not like there's a whole lot to keep secret. I imagine there has being some planning in this endeavour with updated equipment like snake drilling, so drilling will be in surrounding area of Bore hole 10X aswell but 235 feet + I can only imagine debris will be found like earlier digs. I would not call this a professional excavation' perhaps more like a roll of the dice 649 lotto game, it's apparent the Michigan Group or Dan Blankenship don't know what's at these supper depths under Oak Island. Even if there was something found of value the drilling would pulverize any evidence of value, but "gold & silver" taken from a great distance and then chucked in a bottomless pit dosen't rhyme with me, logic says why would treasure be put where it could not be retrieved by the original depositors.

I just wonder about preservation of Oak Island, who takes care of restoring Oak Island to it's natural state after all this excessive drilling takes place. Many drilling companies has come and gone since the original Oak Island McGinnis excavation, but these oil companies have ruined historical Oak Island landmarks over the years this is irreplaceable and this has gone on for a long time. If these companies have the $ finances to brag about there business plan to get to the spoils of Inca/Mayan gold and silver then they can restore the Island to it's natural state as they found it, regardless of treasure found or not.A recommendation to the Michigan group is to use this $200.000 dollars to restore Oak Island to its natural Summer of 1795 state with all original landmarks, oak trees, yada' yada' yada' get a script writer from hollywood and find a big budget producer to film it? this idea will be the best idea for this oil company and it may just be there kong to take back to the USA.I wish them well and a safe journey,"Oak Island treasure News"



The Money pit is mysteriously fascinating its located on the south/eastern region on Oak Island many people have a good knowledge of the Money pit and the clues that surrounds the treasure mystery but a majority of people have a very little knowledge of the Oak Island treasure mystery because there is many interpretations of this enigma.

Daniel Mclnnis and his two buddies Smith and Vaughan are the original discoverers of the Money pit they discovered it back in the summer of 1795 they had dug the pit through a few layers of logs and dirt secretly to the 30 Foot level but stoped due to weather and lack of equipment, time had past McInnis and one of two of his treasure hunting pal's Smith married there girlfriends and settled on Oak Island and built cabins as homes, Smith and McInnis continued to try to raise funds to continue there excavations but all they had gotten was puzzling looks by the hard working people living around the Mahone Bay area dreams was the last thing on there minds, it wasn’t until Smith was in Truro N.S for personal reasons he ran into a financer for there excavations and they formed there own treasure hunting company.
( It sometimes makes you think who really discovered the Money pit first, just by mostly hearing about Smith after the the discovery Smith had the mysterious stone put in his house, Smith found the investors to carry out further excavations a cove was named after Smith it seems McInnis either had less passion for this treasure mystery or McInnis wasn't the leader of the trio who discovered the Money Pit. I get the feeling there was resentment between these two young men during there friendship while treasure hunting together Oak Island does have that effect on bringing out the worse in people.)

The Lynds Company it was called the excavations continued to the 90 foot level through layers of dirt and logs but beneath the last layer at about the 90 foot layer clumps of coconut husk mixed with clay was found the most amazing find at the 90 foot level in 1803-4 was found a flat stone baring inscriptive unknown markings to the excavators the stone was monumentally cemented in Smiths fireplace with markings facing outward as a accomplishment trophy for Smith and McInnis, it was later taken out of the fireplace and placed in a Halifax store front near Gottengen street for fund raising leverage but since then the history of this mysterious stone is still un-known.
( Why would they place the Money pit stone be in a fire place there must of being something significant on the stone worth talking about other than the stone just being a flat stone with a smooth surface? The excavations seemed to halt when they hit the money pit stone at the ninety foot level this may have lead the excavators to believe this was the answer encoded to where the treasure is really burried, the money pit stone may have been the treasure incrypted in logic? )

Many Years has past and many Oak Island treasure hunters had come and gone over the years with a new possible answer to unearthing this illusive treasure even to the extent to the loss of six lives during excavating endeavors. So far the Oak Island has changed hands many times two owners now occupy Oak Island they are reclusive due to privacy issues.

The Oak Island treasure mystery has attracted the metaphysical to scholars from many fields of professions the treasure hunting techniques used included dowsers to electronic devices, there has been some new clues found on Oak Island since 1795 that opened new ideas to solving this treasure mystery near the bottle neck of Oak Island on the north side of the island is a boulder formation of a cross with a sand stone center with images on it according to a photograph taken of it. Another puzzling clue that was well document was a stone triangle, the triangle was found south of the money pit near the shore it was destroyed during an excavation but it was surveyed as a stone triangle that pointed seven degrees west of the money pit and had a south/north dividing off center stone line dividing the stone triangle.

These new clues found over the years on Oak Island has fueled more theories and much argument debate to weather there is treasure on or off Oak Island the new on Oak Island theory is that the treasure may be in the swamp area around the bottle neck area of the island. The off Oak Island theory is that the answer to this mystery may be in one of the surrounding islands frog Island east of Oak Island has been searched but no real evidence of treasure clues was found, many of the surrounding Islands have been explore but no real evidence was found that was brought forward by anyone except for a satellite image of a phenomenally large triangle found on nearby Birch Island the discovery was made by a Vancouver Native researcher Keith Ranville he believes the answer to this mystery lays in this large triangle.

Oak Island has an energy that can affect the psyche and cause problems to the most sound minds many people have experience these phenomenal feelings globally you don’t even have to be near Oak Island to have this connection to this enigma there is something in Mahone Bay N.S that is worth investigating but with respect and understanding. I believe Oak Island is getting ready to give up its secrets soon the more people that's getting attracted to this mystery the more energy that will increase in the Mahone Bay N.S area this may cause more unexplained phenomena , there is a guardian that over sees this mystery with mystical properties perhaps its a entity of some kind only time will tell hopefully sooner than later.

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